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How do parents reset or obtain a Compass password or login?
This guide is designed to assist new and existing families to obtain login details for Compass. You can follow these steps to obtain a new password if you have never accessed Compass before; or if you are an existing family at TC you can use these steps to reset your account password in the case that you can't remember or have lost the password.

Important Information about How Parent Accounts Work in Compass

Compass uses the family details provided during enrolment to generate login accounts for parents. The primary parent (Parent A) contact for each family linked to the student is the person who's mobile and email address will need to be used to recover/reset a family account password.

Students can have up to 3 families linked (referred to as Primary Family, Alternative Family and Additional Family), each family will have one login account to share between the two parents or single guardian registered for that family.

Steps to Recover / Reset Compass Password for Parents

  1. First, open the Password Recovery page. Visit
  2. If you are an existing Family; enter your username. Or if you are a new Family and have never logged-in before; click the link below the username box that says 'I don't know my username'.
  3. Now enter either your Email address or Mobile phone number. These details need to match what you provided on the Enrolment form. They must also be the details of the Primary Parent provided at enrolment. 
  4. Compass will send either an Email or SMS message. Once the Username details have been sent to you, repeat the process again to recover the password for your account.

What happens if I can't complete these steps?

In the event that you can't reset or recover your login password to Compass, you will need to contact the General Office and ensure that your details are correct and up-to-date in our student records database. If Compass doesn't have your correct details, other notification and emails will not send through. These details need to be correct and up-to-date. In the event that our database does have the correct details and the reset process is still not working for you, please contact I.T Services for assistance. A support case might need to be opened with Compass to further troubleshoot the problem.

Steps to Recover Compass Password for Parents (Pictures)

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