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How to Approve an Absence or Late Arrival to School?
This step-by-step guide shows a parent how they can approve / add an attendance note in Compass. Parents can approve their children's unapproved absences or late arrivals.
  1. Parents must login into Compass using their Parent Account, once logged in you will see the Parent Portal homepage.
  2. From the homepage, you have two ways to approve or add an attendance note. Option 1 is to select the Add Attendance Note/Approval (Approved Absence/Late) link below the child's name - see example below.
  3. Option 2, also from the homepage; In the right panel under the My News heading you will receive an alert letting you know that your child/ren was marked late or absent and there is no note/approval on the system for it. Clicking on this notification will allow them to add a Note or Approval for one or more absences.
  4. After reaching the Attendance Note Editor window, complete the details regarding the attendance note and ensure the green Save button is pressed to add the entry into Compass. See below for an example screen of this process.

Last updated: Tue, Jun 13 2017 12:18pm

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